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  • Biosketch: Tomi Ohtsuki, Doctor of Science (University of Tokyo, 1989), is Professor of physics at Sophia University, Tokyo, where he conducts theoretical and computational researches in condensed matter physics. His recent research focuses on quantum transport phenomena such as the Anderson transition, conductance fluctuations, Hall and spin Hall effects in nanoscale systems. He has taught physics for more than 15 years in several universities and graduate schools. His research has been published by Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, Physics Reports, and others.

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    4 Sep. 2012

    Keith Slevin and I have noticed a number of errors in our article "Anderson Localization", Chap. 3 in a book "Conductor-Insulator Quantum Phase Transitions" edited by V. Dobrosavljevic, N. Trivedi, J.M. Valles JR., Oxford University Press, 2012. We have prepared an Errata for our chapter. Please take a look at Publications.

    22 Nov. 2007

    Revised homepage is launched.

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